Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fantasy Football

This is my first year participating in a Fantasy Football League. A year ago, I didn't know who Peyton Manning was. Today, Peyton Manning and my other draft picks have me tethered to the flat screen pulling my hair out over every yard. Tonight I am in the play offs. It's my team, the Two Two Sevens, versus Dippin' Dot Dan. I have a 9 and 5 record, the highest total points in the league, and a crew of superstars in addition to Manning: Reggie Wayne, Willie Parker, Greg Jennings, Braylon Edwards, Edgerin James. I have the San Diego Chargers defense. The current score is 100 to 100, but he has one more player in Monday Night Football: Minnesota's RB Adrian Peterson. It's looking grim. Well, there's always next year!


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