Monday, May 26, 2008

The Alien Song

A couple of weeks ago, I was at a piano bar with a group of my friends. Desirous of putting in a successful request, I tried to think of a song that everyone knows and loves. This can be a difficult thing after a few spirits. I had a particular song in my mind, but I couldn't think of the name or the exact lyrics. So, I petitioned my cronies for help.

"What's that song that's played at dance receptions all the time? The one about the guy who comes home, and he can't get in because the doors are locked?"

That clue was no help. In fact it was terribly misleading as that sounds more like Barenaked Ladies' "Old Apartment" than the song I was actually trying to come up with. Try again....

"You know it's that alien song."

The countenances of my dear friends were twisted with confusion at this bizzare hint, and they did not hold the laughter. Finally, after failing to get any better hints from me and mulling over what could possibly be going on in my childish mind, Bryan correctly deduced that I was referring to "I Will Survive."

Well...who has a boyfriend that comes back "from outer space"? An alien!

I did a Google search because I wanted to see if anyone else thought the song was about an alien. For search words I typed "I will survive alien," and the results indicated I'm not alone in this idea. In fact, Victor Navone produced this animation:

Don't see the video? Try this YouTube link.

If you're interested, check out Mr. Navone's Alien Song website. He sells some alien merch too! I am seriously pondering the "Death by Disco" t-shirt.


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