Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Last Weekend in DC

Rick and Kirsten
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This weekend I'll be driving the Mini Cooper back to Kansas City and moving home. I was fortunate to spend my last weekend in DC with two of my favorite people, Rick and Kirsten. On Saturday, we revisted the major monuments for the benefit of Rick, and Kirsten introduced me to a monument I had never seen, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial. The Korean War Memorial used to be my favorite, but I now think the FDR Memorial holds that spot. In addition to seeing the monuments, we went to a Leg Warmers concert at the State Theatre. The Leg Warmers is a phenomenal 80's music tribute band. On Sunday, we braved the rain and went to Baltimore to see the Orioles and the Nationals play. We closed out the evening with dinner at Papa Razzi in Georgetown.

Rick and Kirsten, thanks for making it such a wonderful weekend.


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