Monday, February 25, 2008

How is DC? And what are you doing there?

Home away from Home

Several of my friends have asked, "How is DC?" and "What are you doing there?"

DC is just fine. Lucy and I are taking our time getting adjusted to big city life. Metropolitan DC people tell me that DC isn't really a big city, but it's all about perspective.

An example of Lucy's adjustment: Back home, Lucy was accustomed to being immediately let out to do her duty. Now, Lucy's new home (and my new home) is an apartment, and it takes a more than a few minutes to get down the elevator, through the lobby, out the door, and around two sides of the building to (finally!) a small patch of grass. Fortunately, this new set-up has not been the cause of an accident. Unfortunately, Lucy's owner (me!) forgot to bring the bell that Lucy would normally ring to let her owner know it was duty time. Luckily, there has only been one small accident as a result, and a bell has since been installed for Lucy's convenience. There are other stories to tell about Lucy, but we'll save those for another time.

I, myself, have had a little bit of an adjustment. I've learned to ride the metro, and I have figured out that you will get icy glares and harumphs if you stand on the escalator and do not move to the right to let the locals charge past you on the left. I've even become one of those people charging past on the right (but I don't glare or harumph at the tourists). I've also learned that a paperback is a necessity for your rides on the train. Everyone has one. Unfortunately, I only brought one book, Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth, which is a thousand pages and way too big and awkward to carry on the Metro. Luckily, I have not been too lonely. Of course Lucy is here, but I am blessed to already have friends in the area, some that I have met through work and others that I have met through the Rock Boat. My first week in DC, including the weekend, I was busy with a social event every night.

So, why am I in DC? I'm here participating in an interchange program in the Federal Reserve System. I'm working with the our training department. There are many classes that bank examiners take as part of the examiner commissioning program or as continuing education, and the training department oversees and administers that training among other things. It has given me an opportunity to get a different perspective of the Fed, and of course, it gives me the opportunity to live the DC life for a few months.

Back to the fun stuff.... For the next three weekends, I'm fortunate to be entertaining visitors! My girlfriends are coming next weekend to go to Shamrock Fest. The following weekend, another girlfriend will be visiting to see the DC sites with me, and then my brother will be visiting the third weekend. What a busy March!