Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Needed a Good Laugh Today

And I got one...from this cute video titled, "Korean Baby Singing Hey Jude."

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The DC Metro and the Bobblehead Pope

A couple of weeks ago, my brother and I were in a metro station and soon realized that filming was going on. Filming at the metro stations probably happens alot, but here's a commercial specifically about the metro. The commercial, previously posted on the Metro's website but since removed, was intended to encourage people to take the metro when Pope Benedict XVI is here on April 17 to deliver mass at Nationals Park.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I watched the game at Crystal City Sports Pub, and there was an entire floor full of Jayhawk fans. What an absolutely electric game! If you love college basketball, you had to enjoy that game.

At 00:00, the game was tied but the Jayhawks had won! That comeback was the harbinger of bad news for the Tigers, as I had full confidence KU would control OT. Memphis was tired, and the Jayhawks were wired. 75-68!

When overtime ended, the phone started ringing. The best call was from my brother, who was on Mass Street in Lawrence, broadcasting the revelry so that I could share the moment.

Congrats to the KU Men's basketball team! Congrats to Bill Self! And Thank You!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Monkeying Around in DC

First let me say...ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK GO KU! BEAT MEMPHIS! Now that it's out of my system (for the moment)....

One fantastic benefit to my assignment in DC is the opportunity to tour the Nation's capital. I bought a guide book, highlighted the things I wanted to see and do, and set out on the weekends, especially when I had visitors, to check off my to-do list. When Sherri, Res and Lori visited, we enjoyed a concert at Clarendon Ballroom (Kegs and Eggs with DC 101), VIP'ed it at Shamrock Fest in RFK Stadium, lived it up in Georgetown, and shopped in Old Town. When Mary came to visit, we walked the Air & Space Museum and the Holocaust Museum, hit the nightlife in Georgetown pretty hard, and cheered on our college basketball teams in the NCAA tournament at a cool sports bar. When my brother Chris and Judith came, we walked and paddle-boated the Tidal Basin to see the Cherry Blossoms, wore out our legs at the National Mall (where there was the annual Smithsonian Kite Festival), and saw a BoDeans concert at the famous 9:30 Club. When Shane made a stop in DC on his way to Mexico, we watched KU beat Davidson at McFadden's in Foggy Bottom and then played pool at Whitlows on Wilson in Clarendon. When Bryan came on a couple of different visits, we we went to the Natural History Museum (to see the Hope Diamond), the Portrait Gallery (where Stephen Colbert's portrait is hanging...among other famous portraits!), and to the National Zoo. Check out my orangutan video below or see it on YouTube! This little guy, climbing above us on the O Line, gave the zoo-goers more than just a great photo opportunity. Fortunately, no one was directly in the line of fire on the sidewalk below! I have a little less than two months to go and lots more monkeying around to do!
Click to watch The Orangutan Surprise!