Thursday, May 21, 2009

So it has been a while....

Not that anyone reads this besides my mom (love you, Mom!), but I intended to write something on this blog on a regular basis. It's sort of a stress reliever for me. So, what's been going on lately?

Well, my brother just took a job in Kosovo (a newly recognized country in Eastern Europe). Incidentally, Vice President Biden is visiting Kosovo today (to help give some authority to Kosovo being an official state). Before Chris left, we threw a small going party for him at my place. It was also a party to celebrate his 30th birthday, which he attempted to signal in the photo below. See, Mom, we're keeping up the tradition of taking a picture of Chris with his birthday cake while he holds up his fingers to indicate his age. There's also a third arm, courtesy of Caleb, bearing the cake cutting knife.

Also, I've learned to play disc golf. Bryan guilted me into signing up for the disc golf competition in Corporate Challenge this year. I had never played before, so we bought discs and practiced at courses during our vacation. We played in Phoenix, San Diego and San Francisco. The first time I played, I hated it, and after the just two throws, I yelled that I didn't want to play anymore. Then, because I hate to let a game beat me, I got obsessed with it. I started watching YouTube videos of the pros and lessons from the disc manufacturers (namely Discraft). Bryan had also suckered one of our friends at work, Melanie, to be my partner. So, we all went out and practiced a few times at Swope Park, where the Corporate Challege competition would take place. Long story short, Melanie and I ended up taking first place in our division. Who would have ever guessed! Honestly, it was a game of who stunk the least, I think. So, I'm still obsessed with the game because my skills are still quite lacking, and I'm learning to have fun even though I'm not very good yet.

There have been other fun times, but over the last couple of months, I have been primarily consumed by work at the Federal Reserve. With TARP, the deteriorating commercial real estate market, and the current economic impact on banks, I've been busy. I'm learning a lot! But I'm working hard too. And now that the weather is good again, it's getting more and more difficult to keep such a serious focus on my job. Fortunately, I have my little Lucy to go home to every day. Here she is looking as tired as I feel everyday after work. But don't let it fool ya! She'll bounce right up and run circles around you. I wish I had that kind of energy.